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How to build a customer referral program in 2024 (+ templates)

Customer referral programs can help expand your audience and generate ongoing revenue. Learn how to build one and leverage our free templates today.

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1 min read

Developing a scalable customer feedback strategy with Squarespace’s Rapha Fontes

Rapha Fontes of Squarespace joins Conversations with Zendesk host Nicole Saunders for an in-depth conversation about gathering and acting on customer feedback at scale.

2 min read

Customer pain points: How to identify and resolve (+ examples)

You’ve likely come across pain points in your life—road work causing a traffic jam or a…

6 min read

How to say no to a customer: 3 ways to maintain the relationship

Declining a customer’s request politely and confidently can turn a difficult situation into a positive one. Here are some best practices for when you have to say no to a customer.

5 min read

How to launch a digital customer experience transformation

Learn what it means to transform the customer experience and why building a customer insights and action engine is so important.

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Read the Zendesk Customer Experience Trends Report.

7 min read

What is customer experience optimization? (+3 actionable tips)

The tech landscape and consumer expectations are ever-changing, which means you’re never truly “finished” with customer experience optimization. But a few tactics can help boost your efforts.

8 min read

What are consumer insights? The ultimate guide on how to use them

Consumer insights provide information about a specific group of buyers and what they want. Learn how to get customer insights and use them to elevate your business and the customer journey.

13 min read

Customer feedback: 7 strategies to collect and leverage it

Customer feedback is a goldmine of insights—if you know how to get it and use it well.

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