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Sales Pipeline

Lead vs. prospect vs. sales opportunity: What's the difference?

The terms lead, prospect, and opportunity are often thrown around interchangeably, but they shouldn't be. This guide covers the differences, best practices, and more.

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12 min read

How to create effective sales collateral (examples + tips)

Here’s how to create eye-catching sales collateral and when to use it for maximum effect on your sales pipeline.

13 min read

The ultimate guide to sales opportunity management

Opportunity management is the process of tracking sales opportunities as they move through the pipeline. Here’s everything you need to know before you start.

10 min read

What is the buyer’s journey? Definition, stages, and examples

Mapping the buyer’s journey allows you to gain a deeper understanding of your customer’s path to purchase so you can improve your sales, support, and marketing efforts.

9 min read

What is sales velocity? Meaning, formula, and report

Understanding sales velocity enables your company to redefine its sales pipeline and process to increase lead conversion and revenue.

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9 min read

Sales volume: Definition, formula, and how to increase it

Sales volume refers to the number of units sold during a specific reporting period. Knowing how to calculate sales volume gives your company a strong grasp on product movement and potential shifts.

11 min read

Customer acquisition cost formula and tips to improve your CAC

Customer acquisition cost is the amount of money a business spends to gain a new customer. Here’s how to calculate this key metric, plus three ways to improve it.

7 min read

MQLs: Understand them to boost your bottom line

Understanding your MQLs will help you get the most out of your marketing efforts.

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