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Season 1

How Bark disrupted pet retail with a great customer experience...for dogs

Repeat Customer podcast, episode 7 When entrepreneur Matt Meeker went shopping for his Great Dane, Hugo,…

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26 min read

How Brooklinen woke up the bedding industry by going direct-to-consumer

Repeat Customer podcast, episode 6 When millennials Rich and Vicki Fulop couldn’t afford the luxury bed…

22 min read

How Eaze is changing the customer experience for a newly legal product: cannabis

Repeat Customer podcast, episode 5 Eaze totally changed shopping for cannabis in California with its on-demand…

23 min read

How Sephora created a futuristic, omnichannel customer experience

Repeat Customer podcast, episode 4 Cosmetics and beauty products might seem like a tactile pleasure best…

23 min read

How Slack changed the way we work by putting the customer experience first

Slack has changed the way teams and whole companies work

25 min read

Beyond cookie butter: the secrets behind Trader Joe’s great customer experience

Repeat Customer podcast, episode 1 Trader Joe’s has some of the most loyal and vocal (not…


Introducing Repeat Customer: A podcast about delivering excellent CX

Repeat Customer is a new podcast from Zendesk devoted to going behind the scenes of brands…

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