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To whom am I speaking?

Last updated September 21, 2021

79% of customers still prefer to use the phone when contacting customer service. To increase customer satisfaction – and the success of your business – pay attention to your phone support.

How? Relate to customers as human beings.

Customers want to know that their feedback is important. They don’t want to think, am I speaking to a human being, or a robot?

Simply asking, “How is your day going today, sir?” is not enough. A hollow question based on a poorly constructed customer service script can sound like a robot following orders.

An angry customer wants to know his problem is understood and that he’ll get help. Asking about his day can be courteous, but doing so at an inappropriate time will just make him angrier.

Good customer service responds appropriately. Questions need to be relevant, and thoughtful. A well-trained support agent puts his humanity—mind, heart and intuition—to work to recognize what’s required for each customer interaction.

A robot can only use the script. Nobody wants to talk to a robot.

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