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The final four? Take your pick from 13 new Zendesk apps and integrations

Last updated September 9, 2020

If only there were an app to view your March Madness bracket right inside Zendesk…that would be a slam dunk. Okay, maybe not. But extending your Zendesk with new Zendesk apps and integrations does give you the home court advantage. The more you can see and do within a ticket, the better equipped you are to quickly and efficiently resolve customer issues.

March was a busy month in the apps marketplace. We added 12 new apps and integrations and welcomed an addition to Zendesk Labs.

Trello is a visual collaboration tool that creates a shared perspective on any project. Trello’s boards, lists, and cards enable you to organize and prioritize your personal and work life in a fun, flexible, and rewarding way. With the new Trello app for Zendesk, you can create a new Trello card from the contents of your Zendesk ticket, or link the ticket to an existing or new Trello card. The interface allows you to specify the board, list, and card where the ticket will be added. (We’ve even got the inside scoop on how to set up this integration.)

Breakout Room
Breakout Room allows your users to instantly create and share screen recordings, without any downloads. Add Breakout Room’s recorder to your “submit a request” form in Zendesk and let your agents play the recordings back as they view tickets. They’ll be able to see exactly what’s wrong, and can even record their own actions and attach the recording to a ticket to send back to the customer.

TELUS Business Connect
TELUS Business Connect is a premium small business VoIP phone system that allows you to easily manage calls—on your computer, mobile phone, or at your desk—and connect your team from anywhere. With the TELUS Business Connect app for Zendesk, access your soft phone directly inside Zendesk and start taking calls. Tickets are automatically created for users when a call is answered and screen popped directly to the agent.

Assist is an AI-powered solution that helps agents reply to tickets faster and with less effort. Assist analyzes the context of tickets and provides suggested macros or related answers from similar tickets in the past. As Assist processes more of your Zendesk usage, it constantly learns and will continue to give you better, more accurate answers to new tickets.

Tenfold Contact Center
Tenfold Contact Center for Zendesk allows companies to integrate their existing phone systems with Zendesk in minutes to instantly unlock advanced call center and support functionality for the entire team. Tenfold supports hundreds of different telephony systems and enables automatic call logging, incoming/outgoing call screen-pops, one-click ticket creation, users, tagging, and more in your Zendesk.

FactBranch is a handy app that helps you pull and display data from your company’s server or APIs alongside tickets. FactBranch requires minimal development effort. Use it to connect to your system’s APIs and, with just a little bit of tweaking of the API response, have the information easily added to Zendesk tickets.

Textline is a text messaging platform that helps you treat SMS conversations like live chat interactions. You can use shortcuts, transfer SMS conversations, set up auto responses, and more. With this Zendesk integration, you can transfer a conversation into a new Zendesk ticket, which provides a link back to the conversation in Textline.

Virtual Observer
Virtual Observer (VO), is a call recording and Work Force Optimization (WFO) solution that bundles a myriad of WFO features such as call recording, screen recording, quality assurance, agent monitoring, eLearning, coaching, speech analytics, and more. Virtual Observer brings two apps to the marketplace:

  • Virtual Observer Agent Portal embeds the VO Agent Portal into your Zendesk user interface, allowing agents to see their Contact Center statistics.
  • Virtual Observer Ticket Events embeds VO event information directly on a Zendesk ticket and allows you to play back the events in the VO Media Player.

Integra Correios
Integra Coerreios is a handy Zendesk app built for the Brazilian market. Integra Correios helps you find local postal shipping rates, calculate shipping costs, estimate delivery times, and track packages for the Brazilian post office.

Shopware is ecommerce software to power your online business. Integrating Shopware with Zendesk allows you to see relevant Shopware information about the ticket requester. This includes customer shipping address, order history, order status, tracking codes, and more.

Pipemonk is a cloud-based integration service that helps you connect your various cloud apps to automate data flow. Connect to apps like Shopify, QuickBooks, HubSpot, Salesforce, Base CRM, Zoho, and more to help better serve your data-syncing needs.

Ameyo is the market leader in omnichannel customer experience and contact center technology, both in cloud and on-premise. Integrate the Ameyo contact center platform with Zendesk to enable screen pops, automated ticket creation, and more to increase your team’s productivity.

Plus, new in Zendesk Labs:
Zendesk Labs is a testing ground for some cool experimental tools put together by the Zendesk development community. While they are subject to change and have various levels of support, they do provide some pretty cool features that may someday make it into the marketplace as official apps. Make sure you read over the disclaimer when installing the app!

There’s no need to be sad like Bill Murray—visit the apps marketplace to download these, or to browse all our integrations.

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