Humbling Flattery

October 30, 2008

If you haven’t seen it already check out our Customer Karma, where we have persuaded select clients to say a few nice words about us.

But apart from these handpicked quotes it’s often a humbling experience to work in Zendesk support or sales. This is some of the latest humbling flattery that have reached our inboxes (or rather our support and service system):

“I have been very impressed with Zendesk – you have made a really easy-to-use application but one that is also very powerful. It is one of the best (if not the best) web application I have come across.”

“I’m really glad that I found Zendesk, it really has changed the way we work. We implemented Zendesk as a result of being upset, overworked and fed up with management. No one ever seemed to have the time to think about what IT was doing or what was planned.”

“Your software is most likely the best available at this point. It is well designed, has a great interface, has a tremendous amount of features, and so far has worked exactly as expected. I was very fortunate to come across it after a long search through many vendors. It looks like it is going to help our new business get started successfully.”

“My company is impressed with Zendesk’s service. We have always been run it ourselves, but we’ve seen the light and now know that running our own services is detracting our smart minds from building and enhancing our own product.”

“Just signed up for a free trial and am really impressed with the solution after 20 minutes of playing with it – well done! Might even get some of my clients to look at investing in the service within their own businesses.”

“First, I wanted to say what a great product you have made! We are migrating to a combination of Harvest and Zendesk from a Windows-only product called Autotask and we will never look back.”

“We are in the process of walking away from the in-house BMC application we currently use and moving to a Zendesk solution. We are very impressed with your capabilities and your company has been awesome to work with.”

Thanks for all your support. We’re growing at an incredible speed these days and are strongly motivated by the overwhelming feedback we get from our customers.

We know. It's a lot to take in.

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