Integrating with Highrise CRM

August 1, 2008

HighriselogoforfluidIf you haven’t noticed already, you can now lookup customer information in your Highrise CRM application directly from a Zendesk support ticket. Say you receive a support ticket from a Michael Johnson. This may be the first time Michael has contacted your help desk, but if he is a customer of yours you probably have some information on him in your CRM system already. With this new integration you can populate the ticket page with that information.

The integration has been produced as a Widget using the Zendesk widget framework (Javascript API) and can therefore freely be manipulated and extended by any Zendesk customer. Zendesk Widgets are Javascript applications you can embed on the Zendesk pages and that can communicate with external services and your company legacy applications.


An additional feature to the widget is that agents can post notes on requesters/customers from within the widget directly to your Highrise CRM system. Any such notes will also be registered on the ticket in the event log.

You can read more on how to configure the Highrise widget in our support forums.

And on a related matter: We already have provided a simple interface for support chat via Campfire from 37signals. Inspired by their own usage, we now have produced another Campfire integration that pushes status updates from a Zendesk account to a Campfire chat room. Zendesk will send predefined events to the specified Campfire account, including notifications on when a user is created, and when a ticket is either created or updated.


Hardcore Campfire users have already embraced the integration to monitor their help desk. But we’re also aware of customers that are displaying the chat room on a widescreen monitor in their customer rep room to easily supervise support activity.

To enable the Campfire integration, look up the Integrations menu in the Account tab.

Next up is of course Basecamp integration. We have already received plenty of requests for such integration, but we still welcome use case scenarios to how such integration should work. Please post your comments and ideas to our feature request forum. Thanks.

We know. It's a lot to take in.

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