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The latest integrations have arrived

By Eric Shen, Technical account manager

Last updated September 21, 2021

We’re wrapping up summer and preparing for fall with some brand new integrations.

Narvar’s Track Connect & Care (Support)

Narvar’s Track Connect & Care app improves efficiency and productivity for care representatives and provides a better overall experience for your customers. The app triggers case generation for order or shipping incidents and uses Narvar’s data on over 7 billion consumer interactions to help quickly identify the issue and assist in troubleshooting. Customer care reps can use the advanced look-up functionality to expediently find relevant Narvar shipping data for any order in question, regardless of how the consumer chooses to reach out.

MadCap Connect (Support)

MadCap Connect helps you publish MadCap Flare content directly to Zendesk Help Center with just a few clicks. From authoring, publishing and translation, to cloud-based collaboration and content management, to contribution and review in the cloud, streamline content delivery and manage the entire content development lifecycle with MadCap Software.

Talla (Support)

Talla brings AI-powered automation to service and support teams. Use Talla with Zendesk to automate support workflows, answer common support questions, and ensure your information is always up-to-date and accurate. When a support ticket comes into Zendesk, Talla will automatically suggest an answer. Automate repetitive support tasks and workflows to reduce resolution times and improve the customer experience. Talla uses AI to continually improve your information based on your interactions and needs. When information doesn’t already exist to answer a support ticket, Talla will orchestrate a workflow to uncover and eliminate the knowledge gap.

WooCommerce (Support)

WooCommerce by CRM Perks and WooCommerce Orders by MakeWebBetter help you to connect your Zendesk Support account with popular e-commerce platform, WooCommerce. Displays customer’s orders and products purchased from WooCommerce in Zendesk Support tickets with either of these two integrations to get a better picture of the customer and provide instantaneous order updates to your customers.

Additional apps added in August:

Netomi Virtual Agent deciphers your customer’s intent and gathers information from core business systems to develop a suggested response for your agents to quickly review, approve or edit. Over time, you can enable Netomi Virtual Agent to automate responses directly to your customers, saving your human agents time and providing a world-class customer experience.

8×8 Integration gives you the features of 8×8 Contact Center integrated with Zendesk Support. Manage customer calls from within an integrated app on Zendesk Support, preview matching end user record details before accepting a call, automatically create customer call logs upon accepting a call and more.

Twilio Flex delivers what you need to run an enterprise contact center. Using the new Zendesk CTI Flex integration, Zendesk agents can now take calls, sms, chat, or other Flex tasks directly in the Zendesk Support product.

Lokalise helps you translate messages received from your customers while you chat with them or work with them on Support tickets or chat. Lokalise automatically detects the language of the conversation and instantly translates incoming messages to your base language.

Reply From lets you change the email address used in an existing ticket, choose the right email address when you are creating a ticket, and define rules for each Group to help your agents in choosing the right email address to use when working on Support tickets.

WhatsApp by Botmaker lets you can create a WhatsApp Business API account and connect it to Zendesk and the Botmaker platform. Chat from Zendesk, manage multiple agents with the same number, and connect bots with artificial intelligence.

EvaluAgent is a quality assurance and coaching platform that lets you evaluate agents, conversations and tickets across every channel from your Zendesk Support account. Generate insight and share reports with advanced analytics. Drive improvement with real-time notifications.

SMS Alert is a powerful and robust online SMS platform capable of sending thousands of SMS messages with just a click. Send automated sms when status of ticket change, when assignee of ticket changes, or even send SMS to users phone directly from ticket page.

Fin Analytics helps you measure every step of each process across all sites, tools, and resources to learn what actually happens outside Zendesk and other CRMs. Instantly catalog, access, and replay any moment of an agent’s day to dig into and learn from the nuanced behaviors that would otherwise be missed.

Campaign Magic enables teams to start measuring the business impact via Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, Mixpanel, Chartbeat and all other URL parameters driven systems. Campaign Magic automatically adds your URL parameters to the links you share with your customers.

DataGrail is the only platform for sustained data privacy compliance, including European (GDPR), Californian (CCPA), and forthcoming regulations. DataGrail gives users the ability to perform access and deletion of personal data seamlessly across Zendesk and 100+ business systems by removing the need for error-prone manual workflows.

BuscaCep helps you validate your users’ physical addresses in Brazil so you can ensure the information provided by your customers are accurate. You can enter an address to validate if it exists and also copy the corrected address (in case someone provides a bad address) into a ticket comment with this app.

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