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Incoming: Hot, fresh integrations

New Zendesk app integrations are here. Learn all about how these new integrations can help your sales and support teams.

By Eric Shen, Technology Alliances Strategy and Operations Manager

Last updated June 30, 2022

Here are the newest integrations from Zendesk to help your team provide top-quality experiences.


Ometria (Support) is a customer data and marketing platform that helps retailers increase CRM revenue. Ometria combines the data unification and customer insight of a CDP with a cross-channel marketing orchestration platform–letting retail marketers easily and efficiently create experiences their customers love across email, mobile, on-site, social, direct mail, and more. Give your support team enhanced context of each customer’s experience with Ometria data displayed alongside live support tickets.


GetFeedback by Momentive (Support) is a customer feedback and experience platform purpose-built for customer support, success, and experience teams. Organizations can start quickly and easily with templatized surveys based on CX best practices that are sent after support, or other customer touch-points. Quickly take action to drive better agent engagement and customer experience across the entire journey. Capture feedback immediately across multiple channels, including digital experiences. Increase loyalty, drive customer retention, and improve the overall experience with our closed-loop feedback collection and escalation workflows. Combine customer feedback and Zendesk data to uncover actionable customer, product, and agent insights that help organizations provide exceptional experiences everywhere.

Bloomreach Engagement

Bloomreach Engagement (Support) is a single platform that combines the power of a customer data platform, email, messaging, ads, artificial intelligence, marketing automation, and web personalization so you can create marketing campaigns across channels that drive revenue. Bloomreach Engagement integrated with Zendesk provides Bloomreach Engagement data in your Zendesk Ticket Sidebar. Pick the channels you need to deliver remarkable and connected customer experiences. Select from a wide portfolio of built-in channels and orchestrate them into a meaningful journey.


Teamleader for Support and Sell (Support) (Sell) allows agents to see data from Teamleader next to their Sell or Support deals or tickets. The Teamleader app unites all your business and customer data by displaying crucial information from Teamleader in your Zendesk sidebar. This offers you a single and real-time view of your customer and allows you to solve tickets faster, all adding up to a better customer experience. Whether customers are chatting, calling, or emailing, the Teamleader app assists your sales and support reps by giving them the correct information at the right time.

Additional apps added in June

  • Macro Suite (Support) is everything you need for your macros. Macro Suite gives you access to things like Agent Assist, Macro Warnings, Ticket Assessmens, Macro Usage, and even lets you view and clone personal macros.
  • TriggerDoctor (Support) helps you easily identify broken triggers and see what exactly is wrong with them. Once the issue is identified, you can click the trigger link in the “url” column to navigate directly to the trigger editor and fix the problem inside the Zendesk admin interface.
  • Systran Translation for Chat and Systran Translation for Support help you add AI-based neural machine translation to your Zendesk Support/Chat accounts. Systran Translation allows your team to instantly read incoming messages from customers around the world in both Zendesk Support or Chat.
  • Salesforce Connector from eOne Solutions (Support) allows Account, Contact, Opportunity, Quote, Order, and Task data from Salesforce to be displayed when viewing a ticket within Zendesk. It also includes a ticket grid that can be deployed in Salesforce, allowing users to view and update tickets from the Salesforce system.
  • VTEX by BCR.CX (Support) is designed to make it easier for you to view all of your customer’s order information within the Zendesk platform. Find your customer’s orders from the Zendesk Support ticket sidebar, create tickets based on customer’s orders in VTEX, or filter by unfactored customer orders.
  • Holidayz (Support) lets Zendesk Admins bulk import holidays to their schedule(s) with the click of a button. Choose your country, choose your year (up to 2 years In advance from today’s date), choose your schedule(s), and submit.
  • Zalo by VIHAT (Support) supports sending and managing Zalo messages in the form of Zendesk Support tickets. ESMS provides a multi-channel solution that helps businesses to send multi-channel interactive messaging with customers via Zalo -> Viber -> SMS, ensuring almost 99.9% interaction with customers.
  • Zero Friction transforms the way collective heat and cooling suppliers engage with their end customers and support the meter to cash processes by providing an innovative SAAS Cloud Platform. The Zero Friction App for Zendesk uses the Zero Friction CRM integration framework and APIs to offer things like an integrated customer database, a 360-degree view of the customer within Zendesk, and contextual integration of both cloud platforms.
  • Landingi (Sell) allows you to drag and drop your way to high-converting landing pages and grow revenue. Landingi allows you to quickly create, publish, and optimize marketing creations without programming skills.
  • Customer View for Agents (Support) allows admins to toggle ‘Title shown to customers’ for agents, too. Even if a field is not meant to be viewed by customers, it can accept a customer title if ‘customer view’ is enabled and persist it after ‘customer view’ is disabled.
  • Ascendo AI (Support) is a full Support Experience platform built for customer support teams. Quickly triage all of the open and new tickets in Zendesk Support. Automatically categorize the tickets with ready-to-use prediction models and more.
  • piSolve (Support) simplifies and streamlines workflows by automating the most common transactions in your inbox. The app comes in-built with categorization for transactions, and its self-learning algorithms learn as you use the application to augment your customer service capabilities.

New themes added in June

Code Monkey is a fun theme to collect all technical information: from code documentation to technical guides to API to complex app information. Unlike any other Zendesk themes, the Code Monkey theme offers specific features for code display and documentation. Zero coding, zero charge, maximum impact.

Washington features sidebar navigation and a clean layout on the homepage highlighting key information as custom blocks that can be linked to any URLs. You can design, build, and launch your Help Center without coding.

Dynanet Theme is an ultra-modern and fully responsive Zendesk® Guide Help Center Theme (templates). It is highly adaptable and supports all Zendesk functions.

Bloom is clear and simple. The theme is adjustable to your brand with just a few clicks, and your customers can find all information in one place. The theme is designed to fit perfectly on any kind of screen, this way your customers can find all important information on their laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

To view the full list of incoming apps, follow our weekly release notes.

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