Tip of the week: Use Curlybars to add images to the Humble Squid category boxes

December 15, 2015

With Curlybars we are able to add the images to the categories natively. This makes it so our customizations are less susceptible to Javascript code breaking or the customer not having the right plugins enabled

Zendesk on Zendesk: Escalating tickets to developers

November 30, 2015

Join us in the Zendesk forums today for the next installment of our Zendesk on Zendesk series. We’re hosting a day-long discussion focused on our ticket escalation process

Go from Outlook email to Zendesk ticket in a flash

November 18, 2015

The new Zendesk add-in for Microsoft Outlook enables anyone in an organization to create a new customer support ticket with a one-click button from directly within Outlook

Tip of the week: Identifying which Facebook pages your tickets come from

November 17, 2015

If you have multiple Facebook pages linked to your Zendesk account, and you want to identify which Facebook page your tickets are coming from, this tip of the week is for you

Tier 1: The most difficult level of support?

November 16, 2015

Meet Arthur, team lead for Zendesk’s Tier 1 support in APAC. Based in Manila, where he was born and raised, Arthur’s career trajectory is not necessarily what you’d expect. After working as a web developer for more than 10 years, he wanted to try

Community Tip: Create automated public follow-up for tickets in a Pending state

November 3, 2015

There is now a way to create an automated public follow-up for tickets in a Pending state. In this Community Tip, we’ll cover to be used in automation to trigger a public comment visible to clients

Tip of the week: Including 0 values in Insights reports

October 27, 2015

This tip of the week covers how to include 0 values in Insights reports. To do this we’ll create a custom metric using the IFNULL function

Tip of the week: Using SurveyMonkey and Zapier to pull custom survey data into tickets

October 20, 2015

This tip of the week addresses those instances where our integrations with SurveyMonkey and Zapier combine to give you a clean connection of data into your Zendesk tickets from custom survey questions

Tip of the week: Using business rules to send automated reminders to customers

July 14, 2015

While going back and forth in your support dialogue, what happens when the end-user suddenly drops out of the conversation? In this tip of the week, you’ll learn how to use business rules to help you create an automated process for managing pending tickets in your Zendesk

Community tip: Reporting on KCS actions within tickets

June 30, 2015

If you are interested in applying Knowledge Centered Support (KCS) principles to maintaining your Help Center content, this tip of the week is for you. One of the major reporting elements for Knowledge Centered Support is the ability to measure how a support article has interacted with a ticket. In this tip, I will show […]

Fine Tuning: Taking action on customer satisfaction

June 25, 2015

Join us in the Zendesk forums today for the next installment of our Fine Tuning series. We’re hosting a day-long discussion focused on turning Customer Satisfaction surveys into positive actions

Tip of the week: Getting started with the Mobile SDK (Part 1)

June 16, 2015

In this tip of the week, we’ll look at implementing the basic aspects of the Mobile SDK using the recently released Swift programming language for iOS and the Objective-C Zendesk SDK Framework

Tip of the week: Hide ticket forms based on the user’s organization

June 9, 2015

Currently, when you create a ticket form, there is no tag for specific organizations. In this tip, I’ll show you a workaround that allows you to hide ticket forms based on user’s organizations.

Community Tip: How to track support tickets you assist but do not own (SME/Consultant/Senior engineer)

June 2, 2015

It’s common for engineers to seek help from senior engineers in order to resolve tickets or escalate them. When a ticket is escalated, the senior engineer owns it—making it easy to track. In some cases though, the ticket is not formally escalated but a senior engineer is still assisting

Fine Tuning: Implementing chat as a channel

May 28, 2015

Join us in the Zendesk forums today for the next installment of our Fine Tuning series focused on implementing chat as a channel.Throughout the day, I’ll post suggestions about how to set goals for chat, whether to use proactive or reactive chat, and agent workflow best practices

Tip of the Week: Tracking ticket origination from Help Center

May 26, 2015

Have you ever looked at your reporting dashboard and wished you could see the exact tickets in your Zendesk that are created after a search or article view? Sure, you can see how many tickets were created after searching for a term

Tip of the week: Use single sign-on (SSO) to customize end-user content

May 19, 2015

In support, and especially B2B support, it’s a fairly common to restrict specific content in your Knowledge Base and/or your contact form depending on who’s currently connected to your Zendesk. For example, when supporting multiple companies, you don’t want Company A to see Company B’s Knowledge Base articles. Company C might be the only one allowed to see a specific ticket form. Or, perhaps, Company D would like a specific email template. Every company has different customizations and you need to stay on top of them all

Community Tip: Managing complex SLA needs with Zendesk

May 5, 2015

Recently, we’ve had the amazing opportunity to play around with enhanced service level (SLA) functionality in Zendesk, and it resulted in some pretty significant changes to the way we work. I thought I’d share some of what we learned along the way in this Community Tip

Zendesk on Zendesk: The lifecycle of a problem ticket

April 30, 2015

Join us in the Zendesk forums today for the next installment of our Zendesk on Zendesk series. We’re hosting a day-long discussion focused on the lifecycle of a Problem ticket. I’ll post suggestions about how Zendesk Support tracks and resolves

Tip of the week: Versioning your SLA policies

April 28, 2015

The new SLAs feature lets admins define specific SLA policies using a wide variety of conditions—anything from ticket fields and tags to custom user or organization fields. While this is certainly needed by most support organizations, those who have contractual obligations also need to be able to version their policies

Fine Tuning: Insights

April 27, 2015

Join us in the Zendesk forums today for the next installment of our Fine Tuning Series. We’re hosting a day-long discussion focused on Getting to Know Insights. Throughout the day, I’ll post suggestions about

Community tip: Funneling customer orders through Zendesk

April 21, 2015

My company recently got rid of our CRM for various reasons and, while we were not quite ready to graduate to an ERP system, we had to bridge the gap between our Sales team and the processing of our orders. That’s where Zendesk came into the fold

Community tip: Best practices for using views

April 7, 2015

Views are the primary way of managing tickets in Zendesk. The tickets displayed in a view respect an agent’s ticket privilege, so agents only see the ticket that they are authorized to

Tip of the week: Add and remove individual CCs on a ticket using URL targets

March 31, 2015

Recently my colleague come across a very specific change management process. All approvers were added as CCs to a ticket. This action can be simply done manually, by a trigger, or by an app. However, the goal was to remove a user from