How to move beyond email to the cloud

There was a time when an email inbox was enough to provide online customer service. You simply set up an email alias for support requests, checked it a few times throughout the day, and lived happily ever after. But soon your customer base grew, your organization expanded, and you introduced new products and services. That meant more support requests coming in every day, making your inbox bust at the seams, becoming increasingly troublesome to tackle. Once the backbone of your customer support department, email has now become a monster too big and complex to tame.

As companies and organizations grow, the problems with a shared customer support email inbox become even more significant. It is nearly impossible to track conversations. Emails can receive multiple answers from different support agents, often leading to more confusion than resolution. In addition, some emails may never get a response; when enough of those incidents pile up it can lead to serious customer satisfaction issues. And, searching through email for past support requests can be exceedingly time-consuming.

In this paper, we'll discuss how migrating from email to cloud-based customer service software such as Zendesk is the fastest and easiest way to boost the efficiency of your customer service department. We will examine how quickly you can shift away from your current customer support system and towards cloud-based customer service software, as well as how it can increase the speed, capabilities, and quality of your customer support department. And, we'll tell you what you can do in the next 24 hours to tame your inbox and gain new tools to support your customers.

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