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September 2, 2011

Your help desk should not be isolated from other parts of your business – this is true whether you’re talking about an actual desk in your office, or if your help desk is in the cloud. Just as it’s not a good idea to have a sales team that never uses your product, your help desk should integrate with your other business tools and workflows. The quicker and easier you can move a question, issue, or idea from your other departments (finance, product, engineering, sales, etc.) to support, the more effective that support will be, and the more you can use that support to better your business.

We talk a lot about the features we build into Zendesk, but one of Zendesk’s biggest strengths is how well it works with other tools. And the library of products we integrate with keeps growing. We wanted to highlight some of the new integrations so you can see how you can take even more advantage of your Zendesk.

Dialogue – Add SMS to your support

Dialogue Communications is a leading global mobile messaging specialist, focused on delivering the best mobile solutions to businesses and integrating effective two-way SMS with SaaS applications.

The Dialogue SMS widget for Zendesk is the first external two-way SMS messaging solution that allows both customers and support staff to send and receive updates on ticket activity through SMS, using their mobile phone. The widget also allows remote agents to raise and close tickets by SMS. Customers and agents can reply to an SMS message to provide feedback or updates to the status of an active ticket, with any changes made being logged against the relevant ticket records.

Dialogue’s SMS for Zendesk solution is definitely an exciting new channel to add to the helpdesk product as it allows you to instantly communicate with your customers on the go as well as providing a superior customer experience.

The product has some great features including the SMS broadcast widget and SMS Target.

Flowdock – Real-time team collaboration

Flowdock provides a real-time discussion platform on top of your existing help desk tools, significantly reducing the time spent working on an issue. It takes a a new spin on top of traditional group chats and turns your social channels into what they call “Flows,” where you can actively feed in topics of conversation from various sources, including Twitter, Pivotal Tracker, Confluence, JIRA, and Zendesk into a team inbox. Notifications can be configured to feed into your team inbox as items are created and you can then start a collaborative discussion on any item in your feed. New ticket comes in and you have questions? Easily pose the question to everyone on your team by commenting on an issue. Once you have an answer, hop back into the Zendesk ticket by clicking on the entry in Flowdock to quickly return to Zendesk and provide the answer to a customer.

Planbox – Project management

Planbox is a powerful, yet easy to use agile project management tool designed to be intuitive for your entire team. Planbox makes it easy to collaborate with your team, allowing every participating member in a project to have visibility into what is going on and makes it easy and fun to share relevant data with teammates. Everyone from teammates, to managers, and even clients can share information quickly and efficiently.

With the Zendesk integration, you can escalate tickets from Zendesk into Planbox as an item for your team to work on. Once an issue gets resolved in Planbox, the associated ticket can be solved and the comments in the Zendesk ticket will be updated accordingly as well.

Podio – Project management and work platform

Podio is an online platform with a new take on work and how it gets done. With Podio, you can easily manage your projects, create a social intranet, allow for teams to collaborate both internally and across different organizations, manage events, and even keep track of your leads with CRM management. If there is something you can’t do in Podio, chances are there is something in their App store that will fulfill your needs. With the Zendesk integration, you can push tickets and contacts into Podio to link to tasks, projects, customers, bugs and make support conversations visible to your team.

EvoApp – Social media business intelligence

EvoApp creates relationship intelligence tools to help companies build stronger relationships with their customers, monetize existing customers more effectively, and make their customers happier. EvoApp integrated with Zendesk empowers your support team to improve customer relationships, reduce churn and anticipate customer crisis by analyzing over 20 qualitative and quantitative intelligence metrics such as sentiment, volume, and response times. You can easily create customer support tickets from EvoApp into Zendesk and perform all the functions that Zendesk offers from viewing, updating, and managing tickets.

KPI Dashboard – Analytics and reporting

KPI Dashboard for Zendesk is a powerful analytics environment that measures the most important KPIs and metrics. With more than 5,500+ KPI templates available, KPI Dashboard makes it easy to create dashboards for support such as new-open-solved calls, average time to solve, backlog growth per agent, support group, topics and more. KPI Dashboard collects data every night via the Zendesk APIs, so your dashboards are updated and refreshed daily. KPI Dashboard allows for you to gather data over time periods ranging from the last 7 days to the last 30 days and enables you to analyze trends over time to filter out seasonal influences and help optimize staffing.

These are just a handful of the fantastic integrations we have that will allow your organization to get the most out of its help desk. Our powerful Zendesk integrations is how you can make your support desk an integral part of nearly every workflow and process across your organization.

We know. It's a lot to take in.

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