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A new year calls for new integrations

New Zendesk app integrations are here. Learn all about how these integrations can help out your sales and support teams.

By Eric Shen, Technology Alliances Strategy and Operations Manager

Last updated February 28, 2023

Here are the newest integrations from Zendesk to help your team provide top-quality experiences.

Virtru Secure Share

Virtru Secure Share (Support) helps you close support tickets faster by making it easier to securely exchange sensitive information with customers–without ever leaving Zendesk. Virtru Secure Share for Zendesk lets you share encrypted files of nearly any size and creates a safe space for your customers to submit confidential information to you, encrypted and linked directly to their ticket. Everyone maintains control over their own data–with the ability to revoke access at any time–so information can flow freely. This means you can resolve customer issues faster and deliver amazing customer service, all without compromising security.

Green Shipping Protection by Corso

Green Shipping Protection by Corso (Support) is an ever-developing suite of merchant services, here to replace hassle and frustration with confidence and care. It may begin with parcel protection and carbon offsets, but really it’s about relieving headaches and putting minds at ease. This Zendesk app helps you, the merchant, while supporting customers. It helps view customer orders, those that are protected with Green Shipping Protection, and allows you to search for orders by customer emails.

UpBrains Xtract

UpBrains Xtract (Support) is an intelligent document reader that can make the content of attached images and PDFs accessible and searchable. It extracts the textual content of image and PDF attachments in a layout-preserving manner and can extract key fields from attached PDFs/images or the content of a Zendesk ticket itself. It inserts the extracted information as an internal comment and can be configured to send the extracted information to a third-party endpoint.

Agent Assist by

Agent Assist by (Support) provides convenient, timely, and personalized customer experiences with conversational, AI-powered intelligent assistants for multichannel and voice–powered by Zendesk data. XO Platform’s no-code, drag-n-drop interface with pre-built templates is ideal to kick-start your conversational AI journey instantly. Learn everything you need to know with UI-based training modules.


RemSupp (Support) enables you to connect to a remote computer over the Internet using a secure connection. With the RemSupp integration, you can easily create a remote support session directly in Zendesk. Simply insert the created link into the ticket and send it to your customer. Once the customer goes online, they will appear in your RemSupp app and you can instantly connect with a single click.

Additional apps added in January:
  • API Data Sync by Knots (Support) lets you retrieve data from or send data to backend systems via REST API, allowing you to sync data between Zendesk and other tools–like your ERP, CRM, webshop, and on-premise software.
  • airfocus (Support) is a platform built for the new way of doing product management. Easily import and centralize inputs from Zendesk to airfocus and inform product discovery. You can import feedback from Zendesk, create insights, and link them directly to your feature ideas or any other work item in airfocus.
  • Macro: Find & Replace (Support) allows you to easily find and replace text within your Zendesk Macros. With this app, you can quickly search for specific words or phrases and replace them with updated or corrected text, ensuring consistency and accuracy in your macros.
  • Vanta (Support) provides automated security monitoring for compliance standards like SOC 2, HIPAA, and ISO 27001. Vanta’s vision is to restore trust in internet businesses by enabling companies to prove and improve their security and compliance posture to their customers, prospects, and partners. Connect Zendesk to Vanta to activate automated evidence collection and monitoring for your company.
  • Arboria (Support) is an innovative solution that liberates teams from antiquated documentation efforts by combining process and procedure with step-by-step instructions. With the Zendesk integration, easily access your visual logic diagrams in the Zendesk Support side bar when working on tickets.
  • Olvy (Support) is an app for product teams that brings all your user feedback in one place to help you do your magic better and keep your users happy. With Olvy, you can quickly push customer feedback you receive to your product team to help them understand your users better, and ship things your users want.
  • Klaviyo Customer Events by Adelante (Support) syncs Zendesk Sunshine and Klaviyo to ensure that when your agents log into Zendesk to deal with a ticket, they don’t only see the customer’s support history but rather their whole journey—including transactions, website events, emails, messages, and more from Klaviyo.
  • Auto Solve Duplicate Tickets Solution (Support) improves the quality of your customer service by resolving duplicate customer service tickets automatically—resulting in a 20 percent reduction in open tickets on average. Automatically detect and solve duplicate tickets across all channels according to your business logic.
  • Slayhub (Support) improves communication and collaboration between customer support and product teams by integrating with popular customer support and project management platforms like Zendesk to GitHub, and Azure DevOps. Use Slayhub to generate tickets or work items in Azure DevOps or GitHub directly from Zendesk.
  • Group Rules (Support) is an app that stores a set of rules in Zendesk’s Custom Objects. These rules will bind selected forms, brands, and support addresses to an agent’s default group. A background application will apply these mapping rules whenever an agent creates a new ticket.
  • Teqtivity IT Asset Management (Support) helps businesses track the complete lifecycle of an asset. The Teqtivity add-on enables you to view assets assigned or loaned to a reporter, assign assets to the reporter, and change the status of the reporter’s assigned/loaned assets. The quick link allows you to load the reporter’s profile within Teqtivity to view more details.
  • AptEdge (Support) gives your team the gift of time with the AI-Powered Enterprise Knowledge Platform. On average, it takes six resources to solve a complex ticket. AptEdge can help your agents instantly access any resource from inside the case interface.
  • External Data Viewer (Support) displays your agents ticket-related information from outside Zendesk right in their sidebar by connecting to a pre-configured external endpoint. By using this app, you can present external data to your agents without coding a custom Zendesk application as long as the external data source has an API that supports JSON.
  • Ticket Treeview (Support) shows your agents all the ticket information they would get by calling the Zendesk API right in their sidebar. It also shows data about the user and the organization so your agents don’t need to leave the screen to find the data they need.
  • Predize (Support) helps you integrate your Mercado Libre and Amazon account with Zendesk Support. Now you can answer tickets from multiple marketplaces, like Amazon, Mercado Libre, and others in a single dashboard.
  • CloudPBX Connector (Support) is a Polish telephony operator providing advanced VoIP services for Polish companies. Integrate your CloudPBX phone system with the Zendesk platform, helping your support teams handle more calls effectively. Users can manage all call-related activities inside Zendesk and enrich customer interactions through call notifications and click-to-dial integration features.
  • WowTo (Support) helps you bring your video knowledge base created with WowTo right inside your Zendesk support center. Now, you can have a dedicated ‘Video Tutorials’ category in addition to your text help article categories. Changes done inside WowTo video knowledge base will be automatically synced to your Zendesk Help Center.
  • Undo App By IntegrateCloud (Support) allows users to quickly undo and redo changes from Zendesk tickets. By using the Undo button in the app, agents can quickly revert changes before updating a Zendesk ticket. By using the Redo button in the app, agents can quickly restore values that had previously been undone.
  • Attachments Downloader By IntegrateCloud (Support) lets you easily zip all attachments on your Zendesk ticket and download them in one handy file. Pick all or select only the files you need, zip, and download.

New themes added in January:

Education Help Center is a perfect Zendesk Guide theme for a basic Help Center. It features an accordion in Promoted Articles. Everything can be branded and customized without code, making it easier than ever to launch a new Help Center.

Makem Liva, Thoran, Rinda, Ockbur and Xeron are fully responsive Zendesk Guide Help Center themes (templates). They can be used by all kinds of organizations–technology, education, travel, food, startups, IT, medical, construction, marketing, fashion, government, NGO, not-for-profit companies, business, or organizations.

Joe is a fully responsive multipurpose Zendesk Help Center theme. The theme is a perfect balance between style and performance. Easy to set up, customizable, and designed with professionalism in mind.

Youth is a beautiful, clean, modern, and highly customizable Help Center. Loaded with features such as category/section tabs, custom blocks, video blocks, CTA, and more.

To view the full list of incoming apps, follow our weekly release notes.

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