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6 min read

Top 11 call center skills every agent needs (soft skills + hard skills)

Need to hire agents to work the phones? Here are some tips for hiring candidates with the right call center skills.

5 min read

What is call center software?

Call center software can help your agents meet these expectations with minimal effort. The key is understanding the features and benefits that call center software can offer and then deciding which ones you need most.

12 min read

15 call center resume examples, tips, and templates

Create a winning call center resume and stand out from the crowd with these tips, tricks, and examples.

5 min read

Inbound vs. outbound call centers: What's the difference?

Learn what makes an inbound call center and outbound call center different, and how they can benefit your business

2 min read

Download: The best hold music since 'Careless Whisper'

Did you know that the average person will spend 43 days of his or her life…

4 min read

Improve omnichannel support with modern call center software

Phone support has long been the anchor of the customer contact center, evolving from the legacy…

13 min read

Call center management: Best practices and top KPIs to elevate operations

Effective call center management helps you keep customers and support agents happy. Here's how to do it right.

White Paper
7 min read

Key benefits of integrated phone support

Despite the rise of newer channels like social media and email, many customers still prefer the…

28 min read

31 call center metrics and KPIs to enhance the customer experience

Call center metrics can help you measure your team’s performance and boost your customer experience.

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Read the Zendesk Customer Experience Trends Report.

1 min read

Delivering SMS support with Text from Zendesk, featuring rapidly-growing startup Favor

On-Demand with Evan Aldrich and Ryan Nichols With the growth of mobile apps and the on-demand…

1 min read

Getting started with Zendesk Talk: strategies and best practices

Getting started with Zendesk Talk will help you set up and make the most of Zendesk…

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