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Live chat software

How ecommerce brands use conversational AI to reduce customer effort

No customer wants a simple exchange to feel difficult. Learn why ecommerce brands are looking toward conversational AI as the solution.

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Beyond the bubble: How 3 brands are using live chat differently

Learn how successful brands are evolving their live chat strategy and turning browsers into buyers.

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A 2024 guide to live chat support

Learn best practices for live chat support, how it can help you provide better customer experience, and why it's a valuable customer service tool

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How to choose the best live chat software

Providing on-demand customer support has become the new norm. With 49% of customers viewing quick resolution…

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How live chat helps businesses and consumers

Shopping, paying bills, looking for information, getting advice, answering questions: If you do almost anything online…

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Read the Zendesk Customer Experience Trends Report.

9 min read

What is 24/7 support?

Demand for 24/7 support is almost certainly going to come as your business grows


Conversion Tracking in Chat

With Conversion Tracking, you can learn which chats are helping you accomplish business goals like sales…


Skills-Based Routing in Zendesk Chat

All customers have different needs. Skill-Based Routing sends customers to the right agents, ensuring they quickly…

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