Zendesk private messaging on Facebook

Zendesk private messaging on Facebook

Today we’re introducing a great feature addition to our Zendesk for Facebook integration: Facebook Private Messages. Back in December, we launched our original Facebook integration, making it possible to turn a wall post conversation into Zendesk tickets. And from within Zendesk, agents can respond to tickets as Facebook wall posts without having to log into Facebook.

There are over 900 million people on Facebook creating 3.2 billion interactions per day. Customers are on Facebook and other social channels and businesses need to have a presence on those channels to engage with them. But customers (and companies) don’t always want these conversations to be held publicly. The issue might necessitate the inclusion of personal or sensitive information, or they might not feel comfortable discussing their purchases in a public forum. Now you can take those conversations out of the public eye with Facebook Private Messages.

With Facebook Private Messages, your customer’s private page message is translated into a Zendesk ticket. The support agent’s response to the Zendesk ticket is relayed back to the customer as a Facebook message. With Facebook Private Messages, you can efficiently engage with customers on the social media platform while helping to ensure the privacy and satisfaction of your customers.

Here’s what our customer, Gilt Groupe, had to say about the new feature:
“With half a million Facebook friends, we want to provide an open and engaging platform for them to talk to Gilt Groupe. But not all conversations should be in the public eye. The ability to turn Facebook Private Messages into Zendesk tickets allows us to seamlessly take our conversations off of a public Wall and still deliver support through the channel our customers prefer. It also makes it easy to monitor both current conversations and have saved references to old interactions in our own environment off Facebook.”

Give Facebook Private Messages a try on our Facebook page. Message us today about what you love about Zendesk and we’ll surprise you with a sweet Zendesk giveaway! (Giveaway promotion will end at July 11, 11:59pm PT.)