Not-So-Secret Project From Facebook to Launch Monday

November 12, 2010

Just when you thought Facebook might not fully take over the world after all, word on the street is the social networking juggernautwill finally unveil its long talked about web-based email client, better known as Project Titan.  Though rumblings about an email client for Facebook (known internally as “Gmail killer”) stretch way back to early 2010, it looks like Monday, November 15th will be the day when Facebook comes clean about any attempts at murdering the competition.

Our understanding is that this is more than just a UI refresh for Facebook’s existing messaging service with POP access tacked on. Rather, Facebook is building a full-fledged webmail client, and while it may only be in early stages come its launch Monday, there’s a huge amount of potential here.

A lot of potential indeed. More companies (ok, most startups) outright reject Outlook in favor of Gmail as an internal email client. But the idea of switching to something even more renegade and more importantly,  something that every single one of their employees is undoubtedly acquainted with, must be enormously appealing. Meanwhile, it’s a pretty safe bet that the millions of people who keep a Facebook window permanently up on their computer screens throughout the day would be delighted to have the application handle all of their emailing needs as well.

Think about it: How many group emails are you sending through your regular ol’ email account these days? If you’re like most, you’ve stopped getting email addresses from friends, coworkers, and business types in favor of simply friending them on Facebook.

We know. It's a lot to take in.

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