Good things get better: Learn what’s new in Zendesk this quarter

Good things get better: Learn what’s new in Zendesk this quarter

August 12, 2016
Good things get better: Learn what’s new in Zendesk this quarter

Every day, our engineers work to build a better product and to figure out new ways we can make the customer experience—and your customers’ experience—even smoother. Just this past quarter we released over 20 new features into our core support and live chat products, many of which help reduce customer effort and ensure that help is always easy to find, from the channels your customers prefer to use.

Because we recognize that feature releases can be hard to keep up with, we’re excited to bring you our first “What’s New” quarterly update, where you’ll find information about all the features released over the past quarter in one easy-to-navigate space. Without further ado, we invite you to visit—and bookmark!—our new What’s New page, and to read on for a few highlights from recent months.

ICYMI: New integration with Google Play
This past quarter we added the first of many new channel integrations with our Zendesk-built Google Play integration, empowering businesses to automatically turn Google Play app store reviews into tickets. App store reviews often contain valuable product feedback as well as requests for support, and this integration makes it easy for agents to respond and engage with customers, as well as to apply business rules and macros. The integration also makes it easier to manage the data generated by reviews and to compare that data with interactions happening in other support channels.

According to Nic Bryson, Director of Customer Support at Wrike, “When it comes to customer service, we don’t decide the channels—our customers do. We recognize that reviews on Google Play are one of the important ways our customers interact with us, and it’s our goal to meet our customers wherever they are.”

New channels: Facebook Messenger and SMS
Partnering with Facebook Messenger helped us understand that customers appreciate the convenience of interacting with brands on channels that haven’t been conventionally used for support. This extends to SMS, too. And since these are channels over which we usually talk with friends and family, when customers invite us to provide service here, it’s inherently more personal and makes for a great place to build better relationships. This quarter we were excited to introduce our text support Early Access Program, and to invite you to join the wait list.

More proactive self-help
Today, when customers reach out, they’ve usually tried to help themselves first. That’s why it’s crucial to continue looking for places to remove friction from the self-service experience. Something as simple as proactively suggesting the most relevant articles to customers while they’re searching can make a big difference.

Over the last quarter, we’ve made some meaningful updates to our self-service offering. With Contextual Help now available in the Web Widget, you can leverage machine learning to proactively suggest the most relevant articles as soon as a customer opens the widget. And with Instant Search, you can fill in the blanks for customers as they begin to enter their search query (just like Google). The end goal? You’ve made it easier for customers to find what they’re looking for, when they’re looking for it.

To learn more about product innovation over the last quarter, join Zendesk’s Director of Product, Steven Yan, and Director of Product Marketing, Katherine Kelly, on August 18 for an overview of our latest features and a teaser of what’s to come. Register now for the “What’s New in Your Zendesk” webinar and choose the session that best fits your schedule. This webinar is offered at 9am and 5pm Pacific Daylight Time.

Visit the What’s New page to learn more and always be in-the-know.

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