Add Live Chat to Your Zendesk

December 14, 2010

We are happy to announce that your customers can now engage with you using a new channel: Zendesk chat!

Customer support agents can easily multi-task across multiple live chats, keeping each conversation interactive, all from within their help desk. Customers can initiate a chat from both a Zendesk ticket and from the Feedback Tab(formerly Zendesk dropbox), and all chat transcripts are added to tickets for future reference.

Zendesk lets you easily move customer conversations between support channels. For example, what starts as an email can be turned into a chat, a knowledge base article, or a community discussion.

There are two simple ways your customers can engage with you using Zendesk chat:

Chat from within a Zendesk ticket
Customers can request to chat with a support agent from within any ticket. Available agents can see active chat requests and opt to engage with the customer. When the chat ends, the full session transcript is added to the ticket history.

Chat from within the Feedback Tab
Customers can submit a support request or open a chat session from within the Feedback Tab, which can be easily added to any webpage and allows users to search a knowledge base or submit a ticket. When the chat ends, Zendesk creates a new ticket with the complete session transcript.

In addition, Zendesk supports integrations with chat providers including Live Chat, SnapEngage, and Velaro.

Zendesk chat is now available free of charge in both Regular and Plus+ plans.

Start Using Zendesk Chat Now

Still curious? Zendesk Product Manager Jake Holman shares more about Zendesk chat and how to set it up. Learn more here.