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Next stop: the integration station

By Eric Shen, Technical account manager

Last updated September 21, 2021

All aboard the apps train! We’ve got a ton of great new integrations to help you kickoff the new year:

Instagram Channel

The Instagram Channel lets you connect your Instagram account to your Zendesk Support and makes it possible for you to receive and reply to all comments on your Instagram posts. The channel works by connecting to your Instagram for Business account and pulling your posts into Zendesk Support as tickets. From here you can handle the conversations just like you would with tickets from other channels, like e-mail.


Lessonly is powerfully simple training software that helps support teams work better. Lessonly for Zendesk provides agents with Lessonly training inside of Zendesk. Increase team productivity and shorten response times by delivering content that gets reps up-to-speed quickly and effectively. Easily create contextual lessons that promote winning support strategies and best practices at scale. Measure the business impact of team learning on customer satisfaction and gain actionable insights that propel reps toward better interactions and happier customers.


Dialpad is business communications, simplified. Connect agents, customers, and Zendesk tickets all in one modern phone system. Dialpad provides a single interface for voice, video, messaging, and meetings for your entire company—available in 60+ countries. Place calls directly within Zendesk, no desk phones or additional apps needed. Zendesk automatically turns calls and voicemails into tickets for easy record keeping and issue resolution at the end of the call. View customer information and ticket history inside Dialpad, and even create tickets directly from the Dialpad apps.


The Shipup app for Zendesk improves your agents productivity by displaying order details and delivery information related to your customers right next to your tickets/chat conversations. The application queries your Shipup account to find customers’ details, recent orders, and delivery data from services like UPS, USPS, DB Schenker, DHL, DPD UK, Fedex, and more. Stop wasting time looking for a tracking number or visiting the shipping carrier’s tracking page to know what happened with your customer’s delivery.

Lovely Views PLUS

Lovely Views PLUS is a powerful enhancement to the Zendesk views that provides a number of new features and tools. Get fast access to all views via the hierarchical views list, integrated search that allows search results to be treated as a table view, see your 5 most recent searches, save searches for later re-use, and more. Get more information quicker, without having to open a ticket with Lovely Views PLUS.

Additional apps added in January

Pagato helps your agents accept payments via a Zendesk Support ticket or a Zendesk Chat interaction. Build orders and process payments on-the-fly while chatting with customers, securely store customer payment methods on file for future charges, view customer contact info, payment methods, and order history all from within Zendesk Support or Chat.

Switchvox for Zendesk provides integration with Digium’s Switchvox IP phone system. Dial a user’s phone number from a Zendesk ticket, automatically display a user from the caller ID for incoming calls, easily create a new user and a ticket, from the caller ID, and access your Switchvox Call Log (for caller ID, date, and duration) all from within Zendesk Support.

Excel Online by Azuqua synchronize all of your tickets to Excel Online for easy reporting. As new tickets are entered in your system, they are automatically added to the spreadsheet. When a ticket is modified inside Zendesk, the change will be reflected in the spreadsheet, maintaining data synchronicity between your Excel Online report and Zendesk.

Frontline Agent Console helps you connect the inContact Agent Console with Zendesk Support. As an agent receives a call through inContact, the app searches the Zendesk for the caller’s phone number or a custom defined metric. If a match is found, it will open an existing ticket, create a new ticket, or display the user page depending on your chosen settings

Hashback provides a scalable method to transform the endless stream of feedback into actionable information.With a system that gets smarter the more you use it, use Hashback to automate prioritizing, tagging, and determining type and sentiment for all newly created tickets.

Smartsheet by Azuqua synchronizes all of your tickets to Smartsheet for easy reporting. As new tickets are entered in your system, they are automatically added to the spreadsheet. When a ticket is modified inside Zendesk, the change will be reflected in the spreadsheet, maintaining data synchronicity between your Smartsheet report and Zendesk.

Jatana uses Machine Learning to suggest the best answer to every support request so that your agents don’t have to write them manually every time. Set a confidence threshold and Jatana will reply to every support request without the need for a support agent to intervene.

Queuerious Pro is an enhanced version of the Queuerious app and helps give your supervisors better insights in the call queue of Zendesk Talk. Have all your numbers grouped for a quick overview and easy navigation.

Requester Language lets you see and change the Zendesk Support ticket requester’s language directly from the ticket page.

Brightpearl by Annex Apps shows Brightpearl contact and order information in Zendesk. Zendesk tickets are also available to view within Brightpearl.

Hexnode MDM is a mobile device management solution that helps you monitor, manage and secure mobile devices. View and manage devices registered in Hexnode and perform various actions like scan the device, find its location, lock the device, and more directly while working on a ticket.

Nickelled let’s you make make interactive, code-free walkthroughs. Grab and share your website walkthroughs from right inside Zendesk Support and instead of explaining to people how to use your website, show them with a Nickelled website walkthrough.

MANGO OFFICE is cloud telephony for your business. Create Zendesk Support tickets automatically from calls received or made from within Zendesk Support, automatically store their contact details as new end-users, and even handle call backs all from within Zendesk.

HyperScript helps you create phone scripts for all of your operators to follow and helps you analyze their efficiency. Run scripts directly while working on tickets so your agents always give the correct responses and help onboard new agents more quickly.

Meta Saas enables you to discover Shadow IT, view usage reporting, and manage contract renewals for all of the SaaS vendors in your organization, in one place. View utilization by product, category, employee, region, or department.

Mercado Backoffice is an ERP system for E-commerce. With the Mercado Backoffice app, display data for orders, deliveries, invoices, payment and more from Mercado Backoffice on Zendesk tickets.

Visit the Zendesk Apps Marketplace to browse all our apps and integrations

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