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Customer experiences can be complicated, but your customers don’t have to know that. Read our how-to guides for actionable steps and behind-the-scenes tips for building better customer relationships.

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White Paper
2 min read

How live chat helps businesses and consumers

Shopping, paying bills, looking for information, getting advice, answering questions: If you do almost anything online…

White Paper
7 min read

Key benefits of integrated phone support

Despite the rise of newer channels like social media and email, many customers still prefer the…


The Zendesk omnichannel approach

  When it comes to support, customers expect an open invitation. With Zendesk, you can give…


Debunking the myths of omnichannel customer experience

If you have found yourself thinking the following – this webinar is for you. Omnichannel is…


Meet Answer Bot®

Answer Bot works alongside your support team by automatically responding to your customers’ questions with content…


Conversion Tracking in Chat

With Conversion Tracking, you can learn which chats are helping you accomplish business goals like sales…


Skills-Based Routing in Zendesk Chat

All customers have different needs. Skill-Based Routing sends customers to the right agents, ensuring they quickly…


Roles in Zendesk Chat

With roles and permissions, managers can create new roles for their agents and control what they…


Support and Chat

Learn how Support and Chat can be used together to create and effortless, cohesive experience for…


Ticket Forms in Zendesk Support

Ticket Forms in Zendesk Support help you gather specific information from customers so you can provide…


Groups in Zendesk Support

Groups in Zendesk Support lets you organize agents in different ways, such as areas of expertise…


Introduction to Zendesk Apps Marketplace

Available On-Demand with Michelle Torres Did you know Zendesk has hundreds of pre-built apps and integrations…

1 min read

Guided demo of Zendesk Chat

Download a 30 minute walk-through of Zendesk Chat During this video we’ll cover: The benefits of…

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