Other vendors to consider for modern analytics and BI

Four best practices for implementing extreme customer self service

What is bad customer service?

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How artificial intelligence is making the customer experience better

Scale operations
5 - 10 min.

5 things that stand out in a customer service resume

Are customer surveys effective?

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Using AI for better self-service

Quantifying the business impact of customer service in Australia

Quantifying the business impact of customer service in Singapore

How Bark disrupted pet retail with a great customer experience…for dogs

How Brooklinen woke up the bedding industry by going direct-to-consumer

How Eaze is changing the customer experience for a newly legal product: cannabis

Why omnichannel support is no fairytale

Customer feedback: how to hear the voice of the customer

The 3 types of customer service metrics that matter

Scale operations
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Proactive support: The right way to engage

The how-to guide to omnichannel support

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Agility and the total cost of the customer experience

Scale operations
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Customer service glossary

Your customer base is expanding—is your self-service scaling with it?

How Sephora created a futuristic, omnichannel customer experience

How live chat helps businesses and consumers

The Zendesk Benchmark: how fast-growing digital natives can innovate and scale

The Zendesk Benchmark: how established companies win with digital transformation

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