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Your business is all grown up—now what?

June 17, 2014

You’ve survived the awkward teenage years. Your customer base and headcount are steadily expanding, and you’re busy building out new teams across the organization. Everything is on the upswing

Tip of the week: providing targeted support with Zopim

June 16, 2014

Zopim Chat, like Zendesk, is a powerful and flexible tool with a wide array of customization options to meet your business needs. For most companies, support resources are finite and smart investment of those resources into the right customers will yield the greatest returns

Taking care of customers by taking care of your team

June 12, 2014

The secret sauce to any great customer service and support organization is the people who work in it.

A new book that’s destined for the best-seller list (fingers crossed)

June 11, 2014

To celebrate the recent release of Practical Zendesk Administration’s 2nd edition, today we turn the blog reins over to Anton de Young, who manages our documentation and training teams, and who is more commonly found in our Help Center

Which country will win the Customer Service Cup?

June 10, 2014

After years of training and perfecting their skills, the world’s mightiest champions have come from every continent, every corner of the globe (do globes have corners?) to face each other on the playing field to determine one thing: which country will win the Customer Service Cup?

Tip of the week: personalize your communications

June 9, 2014

One of the things that I have struggled with as a business owner (I teach music on the side) is finding a way to quickly, elegantly, and efficiently track my customer information, and capitalize on this data to provide a more elegant and personalized experience for my customers

IT reimagined: Put users first

June 6, 2014

People today expect more agility and mobility in applications. Not just in their personal lives, but also at work. Yet corporate IT projects have rarely been designed with the user’s needs in mind

Customer service in a noisy, social world [infographic]

June 5, 2014

Today, social customer service is a must. Find great tips on caring for your customers via social media

What We Can Learn from Extraordinary Companies – Q&A with Michel Falcon

June 3, 2014

Michel Falcon will be joining Zendesk for a live webinar on June 17th. To prepare for the event, we talked with Michel about the most important customer experience lessons he’s learned

Understanding the art of customer satisfaction

June 1, 2014

Last week in London, leaders and innovators from the world of customer service gathered to discuss a single issue: the art of customer satisfaction. From the discussions of the day, one idea rose to the top

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