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4 questions to ask when choosing a help desk

April 29, 2015

Choosing the best software to serve your customers can be tricky. Software Advice recently surveyed IT professionals to learn more about what is valued in help or service desk software. Their full report didn’t include breakdown of preference by vendor, but we were thrilled to hear that so many IT professionals are currently using Zendesk

Tip of the week: Versioning your SLA policies

April 28, 2015

The new SLAs feature lets admins define specific SLA policies using a wide variety of conditions—anything from ticket fields and tags to custom user or organization fields. While this is certainly needed by most support organizations, those who have contractual obligations also need to be able to version their policies

Fine Tuning: Insights

April 27, 2015

Join us in the Zendesk forums today for the next installment of our Fine Tuning Series. We’re hosting a day-long discussion focused on Getting to Know Insights. Throughout the day, I’ll post suggestions about

Prioritize performance with Zendesk’s new SLAs feature

April 22, 2015

Great customer service is built on meeting customer expectations in a timely manner. When your support center is solving multiple issues across myriad customers though, how do you prioritize which issues should be solved first? Enter the Service Level Agreement

Community tip: Funneling customer orders through Zendesk

April 21, 2015

My company recently got rid of our CRM for various reasons and, while we were not quite ready to graduate to an ERP system, we had to bridge the gap between our Sales team and the processing of our orders. That’s where Zendesk came into the fold

Revitalize your customer service with rotating roles

April 20, 2015

In the world of customer service, keeping things fresh and exciting for your agents is no easy task. Agents whose performance is a bit lackluster may not feel motivated, which might lead

How to provide better live chat at scale: introducing Zopim Premium

April 16, 2015

Customer service is all about the connection forged between a support agent and his customer. But as a business grows and expands its support team, it becomes harder to maintain the same level of personalized service customers expect

To customer service, and beyond!

April 13, 2015

Curious about what’s ahead in the ever-evolving world of customer service? In the recent Forrester report, Trends 2015: The Future of Customer Service, Kate Leggett outlines

Why everyone loves live chat

April 9, 2015

When compared to channels like email and phone, live chat boasts the highest customer satisfaction rates (73%). It’s not just consumers who are enamored with chat. Businesses are

Meeting customer expectations… at scale

April 8, 2015

Meeting expectations. It doesn’t sound thrilling, or particularly hard. In fact, it sounds like the note your professor might scrawl on a “C” grade term paper: “meets expectations.” But in the world of customer service

Community tip: Best practices for using views

April 7, 2015

Views are the primary way of managing tickets in Zendesk. The tickets displayed in a view respect an agent’s ticket privilege, so agents only see the ticket that they are authorized to

Let’s get personal! How to showcase your support team on your Help Center

April 3, 2015

Your customers may wonder who they’re really talking to when they reach out your customer support for help. Fear not, we’ll show you how adding personality to your Help Center is as easy as 1 – 2 – 3.

The secrets to providing great support at scale

April 2, 2015

We’ve talked about why it’s important to scale your customer support when your business is growing. But how exactly does a company go about implementing changes that will help their customer support accommodate increasingly larger volumes of customer requests?

Tip of the week: Add and remove individual CCs on a ticket using URL targets

March 31, 2015

Recently my colleague come across a very specific change management process. All approvers were added as CCs to a ticket. This action can be simply done manually, by a trigger, or by an app. However, the goal was to remove a user from

Fine Tuning: Blueprinting your Help Center

March 30, 2015

Join us in the Zendesk forums today for the next installment of our Fine Tuning series. We’re hosting a day-long discussion focused on Blueprinting your Help Center. Throughout the day, I’ll post suggestions for brainstorming and refining ideas for

Our latest integrations and apps

March 27, 2015

The Zendesk Apps Marketplace is growing all the time. In the last few weeks, we’ve added new apps and integrations for messaging, dashboards, time tracking, and much more, including a special something for

Talking social support: Q&A with Sprout Social

March 26, 2015

Deciding whether to offer customer service on social media, and how best to go about it, is not a discussion limited to support organizations. Great social care is the product of

Businesses, meet Messenger

March 25, 2015

When we’re not face-to-face with friends and family (and sometimes, even when we are), we use chat and messaging to have “live” conversations. Imagine if Facebook Messenger could give you the same instant access to your favorite business or retailer that you already

Tip of the week: Restricting agents to specific brands

March 24, 2015

With Zendesk’s Multibrand solution, all agents can access tickets for all brands. This enables your support team to seamlessly move between requests from all of your brands and provide

Self-service is anything but boring. Introducing our #BestHelpCenters

March 20, 2015

Studies show us that more and more customers prefer self-service over contacting a support agent. In fact, 91% of those we surveyed said they would use a knowledge base if it met their needs. But how would that number increase if your Help Center not only their answered their question, but also tickled their creative fancy? That’s the question we set out to discover

Support agents or brand ambassadors?

March 19, 2015

First impressions don’t always tell us everything we need to know, but they are important—especially since we only get one shot. When it comes to business, your company’s branding is often a

Multiple brands, one Zendesk: introducing Multibrand

March 17, 2015

Whether you’re a local shop or an international conglomerate, consumers expect your brand to stay consistent throughout their experience of doing business with you. That expectation provides a special challenge for

Community tip: How to review tickets and set QA standards as you scale

March 16, 2015

It’s easy to recognize that each company and their approach to support, tickets, and their customers is unique. Out of fairness, here’s the approach I’ve had for the last two years that’s turned out to be

3 ways to use data to scale your support

March 13, 2015

When I started working on the support team at Zendesk three years ago, there were only 13 people on the team. Now, that same team is around 60 advocates strong. In the early days, our support process was simple

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