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Tip of the week: what to do when an agent leaves the team

January 3, 2014

In a ever-changing environment support agents may come and go. When one leaves, how do you best maintain your support lines of communication

14 customer service resolutions for 2014: #resolve2solve

January 2, 2014

Happy New Year from Zendesk!

As The Mentor might say (or rather, as English poet Edith Lovejoy Pierce did say): “We will open the book. Its pages are blank”

Zendesk customers give nearly $400,000 to charities around the globe

December 31, 2013

Thanks to our Starter plan customers, we were able to raise nearly $400,000 for charities around the world

Ripped from the headlines: 4 lessons from the year’s top customer service stories

December 30, 2013

It seemed like every other month there was a new headline about exceptional customer service—either exceptionally good or exceptionally bad. But more often, these were tales of poor customer experience

Provide better customer service in 2014: top books from the past year

December 26, 2013

We’ve created a list of the best customer service books of 2013 to inspire and inform you and your team

Community tip: connecting Zendesk and Google spreadsheets

December 18, 2013

At Control Group, we’re constantly reevaluating our own internal workflow to be more productive using the tools we already have

Closing out the year with 4 great new integrations

December 18, 2013

This has been a great year for integrations! We figured we’d keep it light on the heels of all the monkey business that’s been going on with SurveyMonkey and MailChimp

Interview prep: 10 questions for hiring great customer support reps

December 17, 2013

Whether you’re interviewing candidates or you’re a customer service job seeker hoping to nail your interview, these questions will get you prepared

Community tip: repurposing knowledge base content

December 13, 2013

As well as being an excellent system for managing support queries, Zendesk’s super-easy to maintain forums are a great way to curate instructions and guides for users

Want to maximize survey response rates? Try this strategy

December 12, 2013

You can control when to send your surveys, and data from 80M Zendesk customer satisfaction surveys can show you how to maximize response rates by adjusting when you send your surveys

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