Tip of the week: better analysis through native reporting and views

December 3, 2012

Many Zendesk users take advantage of our integration with GoodData to get granular reports and gain more insight into how their account is working

Tip of the week: unraveling host-mapping for Zendesk

November 19, 2012

When you first start your Zendesk subscription, the URL for your Zendesk web portal is some variation on mycompany.zendesk.com. Since all companies take great stock in managing their brand, Zendesk offers

Tip of the week: hiding parts of the web portal from logged-out users

November 5, 2012

If you’ve checked out our CSS Cookbook or some of our previous Tips of the Week, you know that there’s plenty you can do to customize the look and feel of your Zendesk web portal using Global CSS widgets

Tip of the week: how due date automations work

October 29, 2012

I’ve dealt with a few questions lately about how negative numbers in due date automations work, so I wanted to clear that up since I think it’s important for everyone to know this

Tip of the week: accelerate your ticket deflection efforts

October 23, 2012

You all know that you can use your Zendesk Forums to help with ticket deflection. You can stock pile your website with FAQs, video tutorials, and even build out a Community Help space to get your customers helping each other

SEO for Zendesk Support

October 3, 2012

Many tools already exist to help you deflect tickets and encourage self-service on your Zendesk. Here at Line2 we have found that Search Analytics in addition to Google Analytics have assisted us in becoming a customer-centric company

Improvements in search for more intelligent self-service

September 25, 2012

Recent studies tell us that more and more customers prefer self-service over contacting a support agent; and as the below infographic illustrates, a whopping 91% say they would use a knowledge base if it met their needs

Tip of the week: Sidebar Icon and Text apps for the new Zendesk

September 21, 2012

With the launch of the new Zendesk comes the App framework. While several developers have already started writing apps of their own, there are two apps that everyone can use to easily bring features and functions from their back-end systems into the new Zendesk

Tip of the week: changing a custom field option

September 4, 2012

With Zendesk you can create a wide range of custom ticket fields: drop-down lists, text, multi-line text, etc. One of the most frequently used custom fields is the drop-down list

Tip of the week: customer metrics with Google Analytics

August 24, 2012

Google Analytics is one of the most useful tools available for those in the customer service industry. What makes it even more amazing is that it is totally free!

Tip of the week: your knowledge base

August 20, 2012

Besides providing your customers with many channels for reaching out to you for support, your Zendesk offers a way to empower them to answer their own questions using the resources in your knowledge base

Tip of the week: macros for multifaceted tickets

July 3, 2012

Support tickets come in many shapes and sizes; some are simple questions, and others are complex problems. They might be concerned with a particular product feature, or they might be a sales or billing question

Tip of the week: the call center, unplugged

June 22, 2012

If you can take support calls away from your computer, anywhere, anytime, is your call center really a call center?

Tip of the week: unraveling host-mapping for Zendesk

June 12, 2012

You may have already taken a look at all of the different ways you can customize Zendesk to better match the look and feel of your brand

Tip of the Week: Streamline Support Using Problem and Incident Tickets

June 1, 2012

For support agents it might be routine to answer an incoming question, solve a ticket and move on to the next one. But what about those times when the issue is larger and impacts several customers at the same time? When faced with this kind of problem it is likely you will receive several similar […]

Tip of the Week: Looking at Satisfaction Ratings with Comments

April 24, 2012

If you are already collecting feedback about how satisfied your customers were with their support experience, you might have noticed a recent change in the satisfaction conditions. In the past, all satisfaction ratings were grouped together regardless of whether they included a comment or not, which meant extra time spent wading through tickets to find […]

Tip of the Week: Touring Our New Reporting Menu

March 16, 2012

This past week we launched a new reporting dashboard, complete with new search analytics that provide insight into what users are searching for and whether they’re finding answers. Max’s tip of the week provides a quick tour of the new reporting dashboard for those looking to dig deep into some customer support statistical goodness. Take […]

Tip of the Week – Using Topic Suggestions to Increase Ticket Deflection

March 2, 2012

Providing self-service resources is one of the best ways to increase customer support efficiency. We refer to it as “ticket deflection,” because it reduces the number of tickets users submit. (Clever, isn’t it?) In this week’s tip, Anton explains how to implement a simple ticket-deflection feature within Zendesk that helps users submit forum posts from […]

Tip of the Week: Hiding Parts of the Web Portal from Logged-out Users

February 7, 2012

There are some portions of your support portal you want everyone to see, and others that need to remain exclusive to certain types of users. For example, the average users might want to read your frequently asked questions (FAQs), but you only want registered users to submit and view tickets. In this week’s tip, Dave […]

Tip of the Week: Spice up Your Zendesk with Google Web Fonts

January 13, 2012

Using custom fonts is a great way to add a bit of simple flair to your web portal. In today’s example, we’ll use Google Web Fonts to change the header title and forum title in Zendesk. You can learn more about modifying Zendesk CSS elements over in the CSS Cookbook. To summarize, you’ll want to […]

Tip of the Week: Tracking Requester Language by Email

December 15, 2011

Now that Zendesk has rolled out our new language capabilities with our Dynamic Content feature, it’s much easier to identify your customers’ languages and provide support in their preferred language. For the time being, we’re able to detect browser settings, but automatic language detection in email is still in beta. (To participate, fill out this […]

Love your help desk in any language with Dynamic Content

December 9, 2011

Providing support for a global product can be an exciting adventure, but if you answer your customers’ tickets in the wrong language, it can leave them feeling like their Babel fish is broken. Zendesk Dynamic Content helps you to provide a seamless support experience for your customers, ensuring that you not only respond to their […]

Tip Of The Week: Understanding Trigger Conditions

November 18, 2011

There are two types of conditions available in Zendesk – all conditions and any conditions – and defining these conditions can be a lot like ordering a pizza for you and a few friends, in the way that you need to decide which conditions will get you the result(s) that you want. For example, you […]

Tip of the week: Showing who’ has been cc’’d in email notifications

November 4, 2011

Have you ever wished that you could allow end-users to see who’s been CC’d on a ticket? This tip shows you how. Using a very simple chunk of Liquid markup, you can include this information in email notifications. All you have to do is add it to your notification triggers. As an example, let’s modify […]